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Messaggio  LeviMOLCA il Mar 26 Nov 2013 - 6:00

affraid  I love you Idea study
  YES JUST IN MY YARD vojo in casa mia scorie anche ATOM dal Mondo Todo Tondo
cari Commilitonti , spero tutti mandino a Bruxelles LIBERA SCIENZA & Galassia proposta AZZZIONE racco manda grazie X tua firma alla petizione CAPOVOLGI ONU . . . Ciaolom ! Ho lanciata la petizione

' ' Ai cittadini anti mafia : Capovolgi Onan ISM ONU grazie X TUE cene a NUNISMO democrazia glocal ' '
e ho bisogno del tuo ajuto per diffonderla . Puoi prenderti 30 secondi per firmare ? Ecco il link :

| |

da | |
a : Premio @ NPWJ.Org - PROPONGO Premio No Peace without Justice NIENTE PACE SANZA GIUSTIZIA
a BARRY CHAMISH Giornalista ISRAEL grasssie ! JAL MOLCA FrancoLevi @
W TRI voluzione TRI boom Artsenu NUNISMO Democrazia Glocal ROSA PUGNO
Era Ora . Dear MOLCA Comunita' Ebraica Molchita Trans Nazionale IMOLA IMOLCA
INTER anti MOLOCH Radicali Sionisti , hope soon we meet again in I TAL YA
and as soon as in Nuernberg PERES mafia CFR ISM is tried , let' s meet in ISRAEL .
MUST urgent : we all must ask everybody help us have Priebke
and all his Argentina PERES Carla Lefebvre Del Ponte PERON
in front of our brothers their victims .
Giacomo Matteotti in 1924 was murdered by CFR Sinclair
because he found evidence : Sinclair CFR with the oil black money was stuffing
Italia URSS Germany . . . with weapons and dollars . . .

We too are pennyless . All we know : it is rather difficult earning money by writing .
Hope U all sign our petition , and together with 'll help all of us
earn some money by building TRI voluzione : in I TAL YA in Israel in the World .
And meet again Barry & Gatto Einstein ECAT HAR Husserl Andrea Rossi .
Writing the new edition ot my book
' ' Demo rivolta Giudaica HALTER nativ a congiura CFR pluto global mafia ' ' .
The new edition includes my translation of Barry ' s book
' ' CHI ha ucciso Yitzha'k Rabi'n ' ' .
The old publisher ENA disappeared with books money everything and everybody :
they have been sighted near GAZA in the factory of ZKR
Zombie Kamikaze Robots ISM CFR
Scemology Hamas Hezbollah GRILLETTO M5S . ISM CFR are breeding
new armies of ZKR zombie kamikaze robots , under the unified COMMAND
Gemayel Mukhabarat Hobeyka Mourabitun ASSAD Morgan
CFR Japanese Red Army ( North Korea - Iran ) CFR Carnegie Ford Rockefeller
Meyssan Hubbard Larouche MEYSHUBLAROU RAEL Grigi Nephilim ISM CFR .
Masters of ZKR robot factories in Egypt in Brazil in Norway
in Damascus & everywhere are former inmates in the Italian jails :
in our crime universities such slavetraders are well trained .
Amateur gangsters become highly professional crime industrialists .

NILOTIC Lunatic Putin in EGYPT :
Csar hopes he soon wins proxy war CHINA / RUSSIA : NILE USSURI AMUR .

Marek HALTER is not an enemy : he just goes into rampant raptures whenever
he meets anybody speaking his POLISH Mother language .

Dear Barry , hope U soon meet all of us again . Tenente Matteotti and me Franco JAL
already did obtain YOU BC Barry Chamish invited 2004 USAC OcchioBello SM Maddalena Ferrara
Rovigo near Fratta Polesine . Yours sincerely JAL Franco Levi MOLCA

On THUR OCT 17th 2013 ABU MAZZETTEN met Pope Francesco :
will Mahmoud Abbas find Political Asylum near Rome or in Predappio
the birth place of Benito Mussolini ?
On which BANK of TEVERE River ? on IOR Bank ?
On The self defined PEACE TALKS are as usual directed by Bollore SHIracMON Peres
the PUPPETEER and by his daughter Carla Gelli Del Ponte Swiss
Ambassador in Buenos Aires . ARGENTINA is the IV REICH :
this is the problem . Will Giorgio Bergoglio FRANCESCO
speak aloud about Switzerland Argentina Syria Londonistan mafia :
MORGAN CFR Bilderberg antisemit ISM Al Akhras Assad ?
I hope that Barry , in Israel or elsewhere , finds some friends
like HAR Husserl Andrea Rossi EON333 @ who can translate
my book into Ivrith , Esperanto ; Anglith , Aravith . . . Politics and religion are everywhere .
Mafia is ALMOST everywhere not just in politics and in religion .
Small and super powers , in particular China and Russia , are fighting each other in the World ,
especially in Syria and Egypt , but nobody bothers about the Ussuri Amur Tagikistan region ,
now even hotter than in 1970 . Even Facebook
and Paypal eliminated me , after I sent Barry' s book to Roberto Saviano , a writer ,
a journalist , a highly respected fighter against mafia . Saviano
went to Israel and asked ShiRACmon Peres a few unwelcome questions .
RAEL is NOT Israel : just the opposite . Like BAAL and his prophets I PRUFETT di ball .
We , our true COHANIM must be allowed to re build BETH HA MIGDASH ,
il Tempio di Gerusalemme , secondo le norme ( in Cubiti ) della Tora ' .
La vera HALTER nativ al TEMPIO di BAAL BAALBEK .
Considering RAEL as ISRAEL ; considering Meyshublarou ISM CFR as Zionist ,
is like considering Romagna as Romania or Polonia as Bologna
or Irlanda as Islanda , Bergamo di Sopra or Brescia as BERGAMO di Sotto ;
Georgia ATLANTA as Georgia Tbilisi .
RAEL MeysHubLarou and Co DO utter words like ELOHIM or Geova etc :
they use the NAME , the Name of God , HA SHEM ,
the ineffable NAME of G - D as a trap for deception .

LADINO TURCHINO , the language of SPAIN created by the Jews EBRO River ,
is totally different from Ladino , a group of languages still used in some parts
of I TAL YA and of Switzerland .

_| Tenente Matteotti FigliTesla @ ha scritto : PROT10810/013/ab

Dear Barry Chamish , now I am unemployed . I have no rent nor salary .
I understand you have costs . Now you answer to me and to JAL
Franco Joseph Arturo FrancoLevi @
specifying the price of the video and the terms of payment , such as a IBAN ,
besides Paypal : chamishba @ .
I don't know if FRANCO LEVI JAL MOLCA has got a paypal account .
After reading your answer , JAL FRANCO LEVI will decide to pay or not .
It would be useful if you indicate to me an article about Pope Francesco Jorge Bergoglio ,
from jESUI - TIC cOMP - ANY , since I do not know your opinion ,
but I guess he is not handsome .
Soon I ' ll open a blog website to be paid to write ; after they pay me , if they do ,
I will be able to buy information , but I will deal with scientific and historical
borderland information and news , neither political nor religious . Shukhran grazie toda raba ' CIAOLOM .
Sincerely Yours MATTEO TENAN Tenente Matteotti |_

_ Original From: Barry Chamish To : tesla FigliTesla @
Re : Requests from I TAL YA _ Lucky you Matteo Tenente Tesla Matteotti . I HAVE THE RABIN VIDEO .
But it has to be copied at a small cost . Let me know !
Best , Barry

HALTER SKALTER by Barry Chamish Barry @

Guess who is coming to Jerusalem ?
A group of 150 European Priests , Rabbis and Imams to pray
for peace at the Western Wall , all with the personal blessing of Pope Francis
and all organized by the dastardly Marek Halter :
A group of French Imams attended a general audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday ,
saying they saw the Catholic leader as a figure of reconciliation .

" We feel something strong with this pope . We the minorities need him " Hassen Chalghoumi ,
a Tunisian Imam in Drancy , a suburb of Paris , told AFP . " Moderates should be supported .
We should not be grouped with extremists who burn churches " he said .
The visit was organised by Marek Halter , a French writer of Polish Jewish origin ,
who briefly met with the Pope during the audience in St Peter ' s Square " .
We have a problem to resolve ourselves . Christians had this in the Middle Ages .
Political Islam is winning the upper hand " Ben Ammar said . Halter said that Francis
" can do what Benedict XVI never managed to do : reconcile Christianity and Islam " .
The announcement is followed by a twisted bio of Halter : Marek Halter is known in
the media for his commitment to peace in the Middle East . Already , there is a little
less than a year , he went to Israel and the Palestinian Territories alongside
17 Imams and leaders of Muslim organizations in France . In an unprecedented
move , the delegation of Imams had gone to Yad Vashem , the Holocaust memorial
in Jerusalem , where the imams had made a short prayer . Marek Halter, for whom
it is " urgent to demonize Islam " ( huh ? BC ) aims to encourage the Pope
to ask Cardinal Francois to take " strong action " on his way to Jerusalem
with 50 Cardinals , 50 Rabbis and 50 Imams
to pray for peace before the Wailing Wall . ( With APIC / imedia ) .

Allow me to remind you of what I wrote about Halter so long ago .
March 1994 the newspaper Chadashot revealed a most remarkable secret
of the Middle East " peace " process . A friend of Shimon Peres , the French
intellectual Marek Halter , claimed in an interview that in May 1993 , he delivered
a letter from Peres to the Pope . Within , Peres
promised to internationalize Jerusalem ,
granting the UN political control of the Old City of Jerusalem , and the Vatican
hegemony of the holy sites within .
The UN would give the PLO a capital within its new territory
and East Jerusalem would become a kind of free trade zone of world diplomacy .
Halter ' s claim was backed by the Italian newspaper La Stampa
which added that Arafat
was apprised of the agreement and it was included in the secret clauses of the
Declaration Of Principles signed in Washington in September 1993 .

In March 1995 the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked a cable
from the Israeli Embassy in Rome to Peres's Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem
confirming the handover of Jerusalem to the Vatican . This cable was printed
on the front page of the radical leftwing Israeli newspaper , Haaretz
two days later . A scandal erupted and numerous rabbis who had invited Peres
for Passover services cancelled their invitations in protest of his treachery . Peres
reacted by claiming that the cable was real but that someone
had whited out the word " not " .

The cable really said that Israel would " not " hand Jerusalem over to the Holy Pontiff . . .
Peres' s partner in crime , and the real founder of the Oslo Accord , Yossi Beilin ,
coordinated his PLO policy with the Vatican .
Check the timing ; at the same moment that he was finalling an accord with the PLO ,
he was negotiating an agreement for Vatican recognition of Israel . This eventually led to :
The Covenant Between the Pope and PLO Leader Yasser Arafat .
On 15th February , 2000 IN the Vatican , SCV Stato Citta' del Vaticano , the Pope
and the leader of the PLO terrorist organisation , Yasser Arafat ,
signed a covenant against the G-D and the people of Israel and Jerusalem .
According to this agreement , Jerusalem should be an international city based
on international resolutions and an international guarantee . ( The UN decided on more
than one occasion that Jerusalem should be an international city ) . They also decided
that any step or activity taken by Israel to change this position of Jerusalem ' ' is against the law ' ' .

The agreement also recognises a " Palestinian " state in the land of Israel and agrees on cooperation between the Vatican
and the PLO and the Vatican committed itself to assist
the so - called " Palestinians " . Authorities in the Vatican explained :

" the agreement paves the way for establishment of full diplomatic relations " .

To summarize real history: In September , 1993 at Kennebunkport , MAINE ,
outgoing American President George Bush
ordered incoming Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
to begin negotiations to bring the PLO to Israel in the name of " peace " knowing it
would instead usher in an era of terrorism . Rabin despised his Foreign Minister
Shimon Peres , so assigned the " diplomatic " task to Deputy Foreign Minister
Yossi Beilin behind Peres' back . Beilin sent two wacky Tel Aviv
" idealists " , Ron Pundak and Yair Hirshfeld , to Oslo to negotiate
the Oslo " peace accord " .
I got the ugly scoop of Oslo from Ron Pundak . Peres found out about their mission
and his exclusion in the spring of '93 . Knowing this Oslo peace was the only game
in town , he sent Marek Halter to the Pope with a letter offering Jerusalem
as a prize for insinuating the Vatican in the " peace process " .
In November of '93 , the Oslo accord was signed ,
adjudicated by Beilin . Two weeks later , in December of '93 , the Vatican Accord
recognizing Israel , adjudicated by Beilin , was signed . Oslo and Vatican
were the one and the same " peace accords " .
What did the Vatican have on Israel to be invited to the " peace " channel ?
Let us begin with their smuggling of over 100 000 nazis , hidden in their monasteries ,
to new homes abroad , far from the risk of prosecution .
Combine this with the disgusting fact that in Israel ' s long history it has convicted
just ONE nazi in its courts . That is the formula for deep blackmail .
How did Vatican spy , current President Peres , react to the " peace " ?

' Peres wants to yield sites to Vatican '

President Shimon hand over Israeli Peres is willing to sovereignty
of key Christian holy sites to the Vatican ,
a proposition that is reportedly opposed by Interior Minister Eli Yishai
and that has ruffled feathers among other senior government officials ,
Army Radio reported on Monday .

According to the radio report , the President is exerting pressure on the government
to give up sovereignty over six sites , including the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth ,
the Coenaculum on Mount Zion , Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem , and the Church
of the Multiplication on the Kinneret . The latest figure : Peres has offered the Vatican
hegemony over 41 sites in Israel , 23 of which are in Jerusalem .
And after all these interminable years , Marek Halter is back plotting with the Pope ,
and you can be sure , as before , because Peres asked him to . -_ end

*** Talk about divine coincidences . Film producer Steve Stavro just called to tell me 25 copies
of his powerful 3 hour DVD on Vatican diplomacy , with me as a core interviewee , are being sent
to me. The first 25 readers with the best offers , will get a signed copy. Write me .
My latest book is The Stinger Not The Stung :
And if you saw and liked then you can start with : Bye Bye Gaza

Then work your way through the rest . You might enjoy my exclusive e-mail list .
I keep you informed of all hidden , obscure news for a minor cost . My readers swear by the service .

Get on for a free month by writing me at : chamish @ After that . . .
if you liked it . . . you pay a bit . And if you believe , at long last , that I am the only writer
telling close to the whole truth , it ' s time to say so with a contribution !
Barry Chamish POB 840157 USA Saint Augustine , FL 32080
Paypal : chamishba @ Hear my radio show :

My Rabin lecture in Hebrew : Some people , I ' m told , had to copy and paste this to open
it : ∞ ∞ ∞

- tesla figlitesla @ wrote : PROT N 10810/013/ab Dear Dr Barry Chamish ,
I am MATTEO TENAN from I TAL YA . I keep in touch with JAL Franco Levi MOLCA .
On 2013 6th April in Milan NO I spoke on Church Square Piazza del Duomo ,
at a demonstration against NOM NWO New World Order Nuovo Ordine Mondiale
organized by RIPRENDIAMOCI IL PIANETA ( Let ' s get back the Planet in Italian ) ,
grassroot Comittee against the illuminati and bad aliens ) . You can find me in this video ( U see lots of white hair , but it ' s me ) .
Now , dear Barry , I am working on the new book by JAL MOLCA Franco Levi
' ' Demo rivolta Giudaica HALTER nativ a congiura CFR plu to global mafia ' ' :
Judaic people uprising . JAL Franco is still writing . He needs some information to go forward .
For instance have you got the footage in which Yitzhak Rabin enters into the car on his own legs ?
Did he open the rear door on the left or on the right side of the car ?
Can you send to me or share the file video of that footage ?
I learnt about Shai Agassi , that has been shut down .
Do you know him and his dream of electric car with battery swap ?
Did he get the idea from wife swapping ? Joke aparts , in Italy the politicians
are MAFIA shits as usual . HAR Husserl Andrea Rossi , an old friend of JAL MOLCA FRANCO
LEVI ' s , can' t sell his E-Cat generator Energy catalyst NARGHILE ' because ,
critics say , of high level of electromagnetism and non ionization emissions
( I suspected it was not completely safe ) . However I met an unknown inventor .
He implemented a new kind of free energy device based on Earth rotation .
I have seen it directely with my eyes : it works , no trick .
DO you have some message from Israel that you want to be translated into Italian
or French or Spanish or some of your articles on ?
I can perform precision translation and spread on Internet .

You can send your article / editorials / advertising to figlitesla @
Best greetings grasssie Ciaolom ! Tenente Matteotti MATTEO TENAN Fratta Polesine
VENEXIA BOLOGNA MODENA Cortemaggiore , Soragna , Fiorenzuola d' Arda |

a : Premio @ NPWJ.Org - PROPONGO Premio No Peace without Justice
JAL MOLCA FrancoLevi @ TRI voluzione TRI boom Artsenu
NUNISMO Democrazia Glocal ROSA PUGNO Era Ora
| Caro Zetta , cari TORTORA Malachiti Molchiti ,
Spero questo pro poniate a Tortora Malachia
etc onde lanciarlo come una delle mozioni PRTTMV Rosa Nel Pugno Glocal ARTSENU
TRI Boom TRI Voluzione . Potete diffondere subito urbi et orbi .
I dettagli sono nel librone bozza Demo rivolta Giudaica HALTER nativ a congiura
CFR pluto global mafia Una copia almeno ancora in Sede ;
fervono i lavori prossima edizione aggiornata e retta ; collaborazioni attendiamo postille
commenti e consulenze di bravi grafici anche perche' si LEVI segatura ai LEVI . Grasssie Ciaolom .
PS speriamo diffondiate sto mannaggio ai TORTORA y a todos speranza presto diventi particolare Mozione
o parte di EMOZIONE GENERALE in vista CIN CIN ci incontri prossimi TORTORA Malachia ;
a Bruxelles e ovunque . Anche dalla Maritsi' QUI OSSE bacioni .

NB SI FACCIA L' IMPOSSIBILE perche' Priebke & complici siano sepolti alle FOSSE ARDEATINE
di fronte ai martiri nostri fratelli loro vittime : cosi' i visitatori si potran documentare
con tombe libri filmati etc . Vs affmo JAL Franco Joseph Arturo Levi Molca
A : Claudio.Barazzetta @ & Ciurma

B " H _ KO mafia TAV scorie ! W HAR Fusione Fredda F5 ECAT Refluopetrolio
elimina scorie anche nucleari W LEVI tazione MagLev magnetica mejo de TAV
w TRI voluzione LEVI tabile Massimo Fini Mondo DEMO rivolta Giudaica
HALTER nativ a congiura pluto global mafia appunti (S)PARSI YES just in my yard
voglio a casa mia cacca anche ATOM da tutto il GLOBO
- ShiRACmon PERES assassino ' RABIN MORO TOBAGI 3 KENNEDY 3 . . . |
_| . . . NON sempre quanto appare e ' quanto pulsa
dentro la realta ' ( Bianca Garavelli ' ' L ' oscurita ' degli angeli ' ' ) |
_| . . . opera imperniata sul contrasto fra l ' essere profondo e l ' apparenza
nell ' ambito della personalita ' umana ( Mario Costa Cardol :
'' da Pirandello ' ' Berecche e la guerra ' ' a Barry Chamish ' ' Chi ha ucciso Yitzhak Rabi'n ' ' '' -
da FrancoLevi @ ; CiteMOLCA @ ;
grazie X tua firma alla petizione CAPOVOLGI ONU . . . Ciaolom ! Ho lanciata la petizione
' ' Ai cittadini anti mafia : Capovolgi Onan ISM ONU grazie X TUE cene a NUNISMO democrazia glocal ' '
e ho bisogno del tuo ajuto per diffonderla . Puoi prenderti 30 secondi per firmare ? Ecco il link :
| |

Claudio.Barazzetta @ ha scritto : Buongiorno JAL Franco Levi MOLCA .
Ti ricordo : hai la serata a disposizione per parlarci dei tuoi argomenti a Malachia Tortora .
Indica di che ci vorrai parlare onde poter pubblicizzare la cosa sui siti . Buona giornata , a presto . Zetta
Segretario Enzo Tortora - Radicali Milano Comitato Nazionale di Radicali Italiani
+39 3929727566 RadicaliMilano @ ; info @ -

proposta B '' H _ CONGRESSO LIBERA SCIENZA 20 Settembre 2013 / 20 Settembre 2014 da Molca Movimento
lotta contro antisemit ISM - Chianciano - Bruxelles - Gerba - Orvieto - Roma - Erice - Gerusalemme . MOLCA
Mondo Ottenga Luca Coscioni Atleta facciam BRECCIA nella em PIA PORTA
di quei che LEVI tabile Massimo FINI MONDO vogliono inevitabile

- Usciamo con EGITTO dall' EGITTO dalla era dei FARAONI schiavisti TECNOLOGIE TERAPIE LIBERA SCIENZA
liberiamo i MEUCCI di ogni tempo e luogo E mozione Buona Pasqua Tunicilia 2014
TRI boom TRI voluzione A : ; BSegre @ ;
SegreteriaGenerale @ ; Marco.Marchese1970 @ GMail.Com ; ;
StudioLegale @ ; studio @ ; info @ PartitoRadicale.Org ;
MarinaBeverly @ Yahoo.Com ; Notizie.Radicali @ ; Barry @ BarryChamish.Com ; . . .
Possiamo smaltire MAFIA e scorie ANCHE NUCLEARI eco balle E paleo pseudo democrazia ONU
Onan ISM . . . i diversamente onesti . Ecco ARTSENU TRIVOLUZIONE ! Caro Architetto buona lettura .

Bello far conoscere a tutti ste inform azzzioni . Sono vekkio ( n 1944 ) giornalista profes SIONISTA
in pensione e sempre Piu' ( c ) attivo . Presto CIN CIN contriamo . YES JUST IN MY YARD .
a casa mia fra MILAN NO e Bergamo . Urge far sapere : nuovi Sbarchi SICILIA dalla mia natia Citta'
Esortiamo tutti a scrivere a Zichichi Fermi Majorana Sciascia HQ @ ; Galileo Galilei - Enrico
Fermi via Guarnotta 26 i 91016 ERICE Trapani Sicilia
I TAL YA ph +39 0923 869133 fx +39 0923 869226 Centro sismico ALBERTO GABRIELE ccSEM
Centro Cultura Scientifica Ettore Majorana | a : ARCHITETTI Luca.Zevi @ ;
AldoLorisRossi @ ; Lucio.Bert @ ; AssembleaChianciano @ . . .
onde esortar tutti a realizzare NUOVI SBARCHI a Erice per uscire con LIBIA SIRIA EGITTO GLOBO
da EGITTO ( dalla era dei FARAONI ) onde svolgere le TRE SCHOLE
1 Schola Rinnovabili Creta ; 2 Schola Luca Coscioni Libera Scienza ; 3 Schola MAJORANA
via QUARTO PISA NAPOLI collaborazione con CRETA PISA & con
Grazie a tutti per le Cene a ERA ONLUS pro ARTSENU Trivoluzione .
| |
| Sopra Bergamo Normandia brilla 600 m su livello mare VALGOGLIO ridente Comune
2 mila abitanti . Sopra Valgoglio a 2 000 METRI S L M risplende frazione NOVAZZA 600 abitanti .
Sopra Novazza dalla piangente Caverna di Ali' Baba' si estraeva U RAGNO .
QUARANTA PLADRONI vermi sedicenti VERDI PRETESERO tenebra . Caverna
e' pakkia per mafia topi scarafoni muffe VERMI . Caverna puo' contenere NUCLEARI SCORIE del GLOBO TONDO TODO .
IVI scorie possono essere stipate : D - O fe' la caverna schermata da ogni radiazione
in uscita e in entrata . Ogni giorno si potra' portare un cucchiajo di scorie a valle
nella ridente Caniana Universita' Bergamo di Sotto . Sulla scrivania COSE del Prof Emilio
Kato Speedy Kovsky EmilioSpedicato @ un ECAT F4 Fiaschi Frascati Fusione Fredda
Gatto EINSTEIN narghile' puo' smaltire le robacce . Recente Schola Majorana
presento' anche TING S. C. USA CINA Nobel Fisica 1976 . TING dimostra :
ESISTE l' Impensabile ; l' Incredibile esiste ; ESISTE l' Impossibile . Possiamo smaltire mafia ;
crisi ; scorie ANCHE ATOM ; eco balle ; la paleo pseudo democrazia Onan ISM tipo NU
nazioni unite unte vunciune . Ecco ARTSENU TRI VOLUZIONE

A : Angelo Gaggiotti 347 5814 610 Ecograffi @ ; info @ ;
Gaggiotti.Architetto @ ; Paolo.Rappuoli @ ;
BLANCA Torino Caracas BricenoAUI @ ; ph +39 3331224200
Teatro ReginaldAUI @ ; ph +39 011 710139 ; 3337458504 ;
PerLaGrandeNapoli @ Rodolfo Viviani , Gaudioso Mazzotta & Ciurma
Raccomandazione da MOLCA a : FrancyCasi64 @ ; NapoliEbraica @ ;
EmilioSpedicato @ ; SABAS Shlomo Argeo Basevi Magi
Bergamo Gerusalemme NAPOLI TripsOutArt @
cellul 3382152533 ; I TAL YA MOSAICO COSE Centro Orobico Studj Ebraici
via dei Caniana 4 i 24121 BG Bergamo di Sotto ; LVANTINI @ ; MajorX ;
Elena.Bottillo @ ; Ino.Iselli @ ; HAR Husserl Andrea Rossi EON333 @ ;
Paolo.Perucchini @ ; Paolo.Perucchini @ ; Negri @ ;
VLARIO @ ; segreteria @ ;
AldoLorisRossi @ ; Eyal-M @ AmiciDISRAELE.Org . . .

B ' ' H _ ERA ORA Ai commilitonti Haveri'm compagni dell` Urbe dell` Orbe delle OROBIE
del VESUVIO di TZIONNE Trans Nazionali e del BORGO raccomandazione
ARTSENU TRI VOLUZIONE HAR REFLUOPETROLIO F5 fabbrica di E CAT narghile' anti vermo
valori zzatori F5 fabbrica F4 Fiaschi Frascati Fusione Fredda TRI boom TRI VOLUZIONE
Capovolgi TRIADE TONG CINGOLI QAEDA J J J Jesurum Jarach Janichi Cingoli Onan ISM CFR ROCHE
Meyssan Hubbard LaRouche MEYSHUBLAROU ONU CFR . w nobile NUNISMO Glocal Democrazia .

Franco JAL Joseph Arturo Levi segretario di MOSAICO COSE Centro Orobico Studj Ebraici
Segretario di Artsenu ASSOCIAZIONE Radicali Tzionisti pro Sufficienza Economica
delle NU Nazioni Unite segretario dei MOLCA Movim Lotta contro antisemit ISM CFR ;
Movimento Lotta alle ceneri ambientali . . . MOLCA Mondo Ottenga Luca Coscioni Atleta
raccomanda di convocare al piu' presto i commilitonti compagni Trans Nazionali INTER nazionali
onde favorire realizzazione della TRI VOLUZIONE caleidoscopio di proposte con cretone anzi Tanzi
che' proteste con cretine . PROPOSTE atte a mandare in pensione mafia ISM CFR ogni Capone
CANNONE Faraone dittatore duce boss ; e a celebrare BRECCIA NELLA EM PIA PORTA
DELLA TENEBRA . w 25 Aprile e XX Settembre 2014 Liberazione in Sicilia Erice Trapani ccSEM
Centro Cultura Scientifica Ettore Majorana USCITA con Egitto da Egitto FINE ERA FARAONI fine
della scacciata degli Ebrei dal Sud I TAL YA ( 1510 ) finalmente dopo 504 anni : RRR R EDEN TZION ;
Rinascimento Risorgimento Resistenza Gheullah : Stop ONU Onan ISM CFR basta seghe si LEVI
segatura ai LEVI w NUNISMO democrazia GLOCAL Era Ora Artsenu TRI voluzione .
Grazie Franco buon viaggio presto CIN CIN ci incontriamo ! Da : MinaWelby @ ;
SchettW @ ; Ale.Massari @ A : FrancoLevi @
| / | usciamo dalla crisi TRI boom TRI voluzione anti mafia FARAONE
in pensione - ricevuto tutto grazie ! Alessandro RACCO Mand Generale Azzzione USCIAMO
DALLA CRISI nuovi sbarchi in Tuni Cilia dalla mia natia citta' dei MILLE Bergamo di Sotto BETAR .
TRI voluzione TRI boom antimafia in pensione cannone faraone CAPONE a :

Bernardini.Rita @ GMail.Com ; Mario @ ; MA.FarinaCoscioni @ ;
info @ ; Martini @ ; RadicaliOnLine @ ;
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TRI boom TRI voluzione anti mafia anti crisi RRR Rinascimento Risorgimento R Eden TZION
Resistenza usciamo dalla CRISI nuovi sbarchi TUNICILIA TRI boom TRI voluzione
faraone in pensione come da AZIONE RACCOMAND Congresso ERGIFEPOLI e Comitatone
RI Radicali I TAL YAni esorta tutti i commilitonti compagni di ogni pasta casta ordine grado
a sollecitare le istituzioni ; i sindacati ( inclusa Confindustria ) e le forze politiche tutte onde
ottenerne la sinergia per realizzare l' uscita dalla crisi con TRI boom - TRI voluzione nuovi sbarchi
in TUNICILIA : in Tunisia e in ERICE TRAPANI , CCSEM Centro Cultura Scientifica Ettore Majorana
onde attuare la TRI VOLUZIONE : caleidoscopio di concretone proposte anzi Tanzi che' proteste
con cretine anche in vista del Congresso PRTTMV Partito Radicale Trans nazionale Trans
partito MINGA VIULENT Rosa Nel Pugno GLOCAL . PROPOSTE atte a mandare in pensione mafia
ogni Capone CANNONE Faraone dittatore duce boss ; e a celebrare Pasqua - 25 Aprile
e XX Settembre 2014 la breccia di Porta Pia e la LIBERAZIONE in Sicilia Erice Trapani ccSEM
Centro Cultura Scientifica Ettore Majorana USCITA ESODO con Egitto da Egitto ERA ORA FINE ERA FARAONI ,
fine scacciata degli Ebrei dal Sud I TAL YA ( 1510 ) finalmente dopo 504 anni :
RRR Rinascimento Risorgimento Resistenza Gheullah R EDEN TZION :

1 ) HAR REFLUOPETROLIO di HAR Husserl Andrea Rossi HALTER NATIV a discariche vermo valori
zzatori inceneritori : trasforma rifiuti in idrocarburi . Bastano eco balle di Campania
per dare all ` I TAL YA idrocarburi per 3 anni almeno ;
2 ) LEVI tazione magnetica / MagLEV alternativa a TAV , autostrade , metropolitane , aeroplani . . .
consente di collegare Lisbona con Vladivostok , Sicilia con CRETA ,Gela con Gerba Gibilterra
Gennargentu Gerusalemme ; Helsinki con Hobart Haifa Honolulu Hiroshima SANZA
sbudellar terreni monti foreste .
3 ) La F5 fabbrica di E CAT Narghile' F4 Fiaschi Frascati Fusione Fredda , HALTER NATIV al paleo
troglo nucleare . Fornisce ottima energia pulita a buon prezzo
E PURE puo' eliminare le scorie nucleari ;
4 ) SOLAR SPRAY micro PANNELLA : Halter Nativ ai paleo troglo pannelli ;
5 ) LE piccole aeroturbine da cortile , e i KITEGEN Sequoja Aquiloni Massimo Ippolito Grifo ,
iper eolico da stratosfera , HALTER NATIV ai mostri Tera Torri Eoliche ECOCIDE ;
6 ) i veicoli , velivoli e natanti ROBOT a prova di ubriachi e matti al volante : guidati da computer
sensori satelliti radar gia' collaudati ( e NON soltanto in Giappone )
anche su percorsi NON pre definiti .
NON sono piu' pericolosi al volante manco i piloti pazzi o ubriachi ne' pure le donne .
7 ) La Glocal Democrazia SEMI SEMI Semi elettiva e Semi estrattiva . Chi non la fa anti semita e ' .
A ogni livello : locale , provinciale , rionale , nazionale regionale , trans continentale . . .
i rappresentanti del popolo saranno ELETTI col metodo uninominale anglo sassone mono turno
E AFFIANCATI da cittadine / i altrettanti SORTEGGIATI dalle liste elettorali :
Le LISTE ELETTORALI sono NON le liste dei candidati , bensi' elenchi dei cittadini aventi diritto
di votare ( elettorato attivo ) . Sorteggiate / i nel modo piu' CASU ale possibile fra tutte / i
i cittadini / e . Per i dettagli vedi il libro ordinabille su GOOGLE
' ' DEMO RIVOLTA GIUDAICA HALTER nativ a mafia pluto global . . . ' '
contatto : FrancoLevi @ - e inoltre per esempio i FILE ( di prossimo aggiornamento ) su
| |

Nato 1952 in Canada , Manitoba , a Winnipeg , reporter e scrittore precoce di successo ,
Barry Chamish nel 1973 vide foto degli Israeliani uccisi e catturati nella Guerra del Kippur .
Corse a vivere in Israel pubblicando libri e la news letter '' I . I . '' Israel Inside . Per l ' I TAL YA
e ' proprio un nuovo autore . Ma ' ' Chi ha ucciso Yitzha'k Rabi'n ' ' e altre opere di B.C.
escono in decine di Paesi in Ivri'th ( Ebraico ) e in tante lingue . Il Film girato dal '' dilettante '' Kempler
( NON e ' dilettante e lesto sparisce ) dimostra , corroborato da testimoni oculari
tosto suicidati : Rabi'n era ILLESO manifestamente dopo gli ' ' spari ' ' A SALVE di Ami'r
al famigerato ' ' Comizio per la Pace ' ' Tel Aviv 4 Novembre 1995 . La registrazione
per quanto manipolata mostra chiara la porta dietro Dx della ' ' vuota ' ' ( ! ) Cadillac di Rabi'n
mentre vien chiusa dall ' interno ANTE il Premier sia ferito e spinto a bordo :
racconta cosi' Yora'm Ru'bin il suo gorilla ; ma Rabi'n salta in auto con le sue gambe
e proprio Yora'm Ru'bin gli spara in auto due pallottole a bruciapelo ai lati della spina dorsale . . .
Che accade durante la corsa all ' Ospedale ? Lo Ichilov dista soltanto 1 km ma la '' corsa ''
dura 9 minuti . Diceva il certificato di morte : Rabi'n fu colpito al torace mortalmente e la spina
dorsale fu frantumata . Perche' POI i medici taroccano i dati facendoli quagliare
con la ufficiale versione politica che conta : ' ' Rabi'n fu colpito a morte alla schiena da una certa
distanza ' ' ? All ' Ospedale Ichilov Rabi'n arrivo' vivo : in sala operatoria gli sparo' al torace
la fatal terza pallottola Eitan Haber , altro giannizzero di PERES SHIracMON .
Verita' documentate ; falsita ' smascherate . In questo libro inchiesta Chamish
mai querelato conferma oltre ogni dubbio possibile :
MAFIA CFR EBRAISMO CAPOVOLTO PERESITA sconvolge il corso delle umane vicende .
In Israel e in I TAL YA soprattutto .
Chamish fa a pezzi il falso sancito
dal governo israeliano secondo cui Rabi'n fu ucciso da un matto solitario : Yiga'l Ami'r .
IL volume di prove messo insieme e' sbalorditivo .
Barry ha incisa la sua traccia nella Storia ' ' JOEL BAINERMAN autore del libro
' ' Crimes of a President ' ' ( Clinton ) _
|_ copertina del libro ' ' Chi ha ucciso Yitzha'k Rabi'n ' ' di prossima ri edizione in I TAL YAno |
_| scritta sul botto : ' ' Regalo per HITLER ' ' in Ivri'th ( Ebraico ) dal libro
di AnnaMarias60 @ Romano Rossi
Libri @ ISBN 88 8877520 - X

a : Premio @ NPWJ.Org - PROPONGO Premio No Peace without Justice

JAL MOLCA FrancoLevi @ W TRI voluzione TRI boom Artsenu NUNISMO
Democrazia Glocal ROSA PUGNO Era Ora .

Dear MOLCA Comunita' Ebraica Molchita Trans Nazionale IMOLA IMOLCA INTER anti MOLOCH
Radicali Sionisti , hope soon we meet again in I TAL YA and as soon as in Nuernberg PERES
mafia CFR ISM is tried , let' s meet in ISRAEL .
MUST urgent : we all must ask everybody help us have Priebke
and all his Argentina PERES Carla Lefebvre Del Ponte PERON
Dulles Pacelli accomplices buried at FOSSE ARDEATINE in front of our brothers their victims .
Giacomo Matteotti in 1924 was murdered by CFR Sinclair
because he Giacomo DID find evidence : Sinclair CFR with the oil black money
was stuffing Italia URSS Germany . . . with weapons and dollars . . .


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